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Claudia V.

I've been to a lot of massage therapy places and even chiropractic clinics over the years due to my back problems and other muscle and joint issues that I've had throughout my life due to work life and sports and such growing up.  So I've definitely experienced a lot of different places and I was a little skeptical of going to  a place that was going to give me a chiropractic adjustment within a few minutes like that.  But I was pleasantly surprised with my visit.

I would highly recommend this Joint location!

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Dania C.

I believe they deserve an updated review.
I went with a patient and after being told beforehand that she would no longer be able to walk properly due to a knee injury, the doctors and therapy practitioners defied all the odds and did whatever it took to help the patient recover. It was amazing and we will forever be thankful for this place. Even after therapy was over, my patient continues to do the exercises​ and work out on her own.

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