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How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help With Knee Pain

We have heard all this talk about stem cell therapy that is the miracle cure for everything from wrinkles to spinal repair.  So, why not use it on the knees? Your knees are a moving joint that is protected with cartilege to ensure they work properly.  However, a damaged knee is something that seems to never fully recover properly and overtime Osteoarthritis sets in and takes away the knees functionality.  However, we are finding that stem cell injections are helping people avoid knee surgery and live pain-free.

Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic degenerative disorders for the knee area.  It causes the cartilage around the kneed to deteriorate. Typically it begins with an injury such tendon damage, a fracture, ligament tear or some other sort of knee damage.  When the knee has damage done to it, it typically will start to wear down the articular cartilage and can cause damage to the tendons, ligaments, muscles and synovial joint lining.  This damage can be quite painful. 

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As a knee doctor Los Angeles we set out to find methods that would help our patients live a better life and avoid unwanted knee surgery.  Of course there is a place for knee surgery, however, we have found that stem cells are actually a great solution. When the stem cells are injected into the knee we are seeing benefits to the patients.  This is a huge breakthrough as before there was only one option, knee surgery. Now, this is a far less invasive than surgery and offers many benefits to the patient. Sometimes with stem cell therapy surgery can even be avoided. 

If you are looking for alternatives to getting knee surgery and are looking for a knee doctor Los Angeles that will help with that, we are here to help.  Our office takes great pride in keeping up with all of the latest technology. We believe innovative solutions to our health problems are being found every day.  This is important as the technology changes, we have to change as well.  

Stem cell therapy for the knee is minimally invasive.  Its procedure can help slow and repair the area that was affected by inflammation and arthritis.  This in return can delay having surgery or take away the need for surgery altogether.  

Stem Cell Therapy

To get the adult stem cells they need to be extracted from bone marrow or fat.  Once the stem cells are retrieved it is then concentrated to prepare for the injection.  There are minimal side effects with stem cell injections so we are really seeing a very promising future with stem cell injections.  

If you have knee pain, you know that it is the worst.  Getting your life back without surgery would be amazing and that is what stem cell injections are doing.  They are allowing people to be able to move again with ease. This is a very simple procedure that isn’t as invasive to your life either.  There is little time needed for healing. This is a very new procedure that is not even FDA approved at the time of this writing. However, the results look very promising for our patients.

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