Dodger Stadium In Los Angeles

dodger stadium los angeles

Dodger Stadium – A Baseball Fan’s Dream Destination

Los Angeles could evoke memories of Hollywood or the famous basketball team LA Lakers, but LA is
equally famous for its MLB team, Los Angeles Dodgers and the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles is their
home. The ballpark has history, glory, beauty and pride as a sports arena and though the stadium has been
renovated multiple times in the 58-odd years of its existence, it has retained its original charm.

History – Moved from Brooklyn, NYC
The current generation of baseball fans and those from outside Los Angeles may not know that Dodgers
were a team based out of New York, Brooklyn, to be precise. The franchise owner was denied permission to
build a stadium in Brooklyn and he moved to Los Angeles, which welcomed him with open arms. The
stadium was completed in the year 1962. This was the first time Los Angeles Dodgers played against
Cincinnati Reds in front of a crowd of 52,000. The Dodger Stadium has been the home to the Los Angeles
Dodgers, ever since.

Location and Surroundings
The Dodger Stadium is located in the Chavez Ravine valley area of the city and is built over land
admeasuring 352 acres. It’s not very far from downtown LA. Constructed in a planned manner, fans can
come in, park their cars and enter the main stadium at the same level where their seats are located. There are
five tiers of seating and the arrangements have changed with each renovation, though the overall capacity
has not been altered. The stadium can still seat around 56,000. The playing area in the middle has two equal
sides of 330 meters each on the left and the right with 400 meters at the center.

The Stadium Has Seen Several Renovations
The Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles was first built and commissioned in 1962 with a capacity of 52,000.
The owners have ensured that the original feel of the ballpark is not lost while making changes to keep pace
with technology and modernity. The seats in the stadium were initially made of wood. By 1970, they were
all changed to plastic. By the year 2000, more changes in the seating were made to make them on the same
level as the field. Another alteration in 2006 saw the seat colors being restored to the original 1962
combination of Sky blue, turquoise, light orange and yellow. Several new facilities were added for the fans
to enjoy the game to its full. These include fixing HD video/scoreboards. The latest is a $100 million
renovation that is nearing completion and the 2020 MLB season will be played in the Dodger Stadium in all
its pristine glory.

A Tribute to the Stars of Yester Years
It’s not for nothing that it is often said the game is greater than those who play and watch it. A game like
baseball, with its typical American flavor, arouses passion in the fans. The game brings out the best in the
players who go on to become cult figures. The Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles has not forgotten to honor
the greats from its team. The atmosphere turns electric when you are inside the stadium and a MLB game is
about to begin. Savor it.

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